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Speed, power, agility, skill, pain, anguish, despair, luck, spirit, strength, timing, pressure ……………

Action photography should convey at least one of these qualities/attributes. It is one of the more challenging and technically demanding areas of photography. It is also one of the most widely recognized and rewarding.

SportDXB is a freelance photography agency specializing in action photographs. We have been active in the UAE & South East Asia region for over 12 years, working on assignments for Associated Press and several other photo agencies. As a result of this, our images have appeared in numerous newspapers and websites around the world. In addition to editorial and sports images, SportDXB photographers also do studio and location photography for selected clients.

As example of the type of work that we do; we were present at this year's Singapore 7s. Our clients for this event were the Scottish Rugby Union and Photosport.nz. We had to submit the best 5 images to them within 30 mins after each game (Scotland and New Zealand respectively). They used the images primarily for their twitter feeds and also on their main websites. Here is a short slideshow of some of the photos we produced during the event......

We have been ever present at the Dubai 7s since 2007. It all started when we were asked by the organizers if we could provide photos for the visiting social teams. There was a high demand for professional quality shots of the players in action. Our services are in high demand every year and we are always run off our feet gathering images for our clients. 

In addition to providing sports photographs to the social teams, we also work directly with the various rugby unions and the event organizers. Our images from the Dubai 7s have been used in many publications worldwide. This slideshow is an example of our work from 2015 - when one of our tasks was to provide images for the organizer's many social media streams. Our brief was to capture the social aspects of the Dubai 7's and emphasize the fun, family friendly ethos of the event.

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